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Our Mandate

The Coalition:

  • Provides a mechanism for Ontario post-secondary non-academic staff organizations to share information on activities or trends which can affect the employment of their members;
  • Provides workshops for member organizations on important topical issues, such as labour law reform, pay equity, benefits costing, lobbying strategies, and negotiating skills;
  • Lobbies government in a unified way and advocates on behalf of Ontario staff to government and the public;
  • Provides a forum whereby member organizations may act collectively on a provincial basis.

Founded in 1974, and re-branded in 2017, the Coalition is an umbrella group of unionized and non-unionized staff organizations at Ontario post-secondary institutions. The membership includes administrative, clerical, professional and technical occupational groups.

CPWO embodies much of the diversity of organizational forms which characterize university employee groups. Ontario university staff are represented by both non-unionized associations and independent, provincial, national, and international unions.

CPWO is an organization which bridges this organizational fragmentation. All member groups, despite differences of legal status, parent organization and approach, share the vision that Ontario post-secondary staff need a common vehicle to pool information and interact with government. CPWO does not compete with but complements other organizations: all are welcome to join.

CPWO is an effective way for Ontario post-secondary staff to reach beyond their local employee-employer relationship and make an impact on the ultimate employer: government and the public.

We invite all Ontario post-secondary staff groups to join together under the CPWO umbrella.

Our pledge to members

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Founded in 1974, the Coalition of Post-Secondary Workers of Ontario (CPWO) is an alliance of support staff associations and unions in Ontario. The CPWO allows affiliates to gain access to shared resources by encouraging groups to network, exchange ideas, gain empowerment and to discuss collective bargaining trends and strategies. At CPWO, we believe the challenges we as a collective are facing and are likely to face in the future, will require strength and unified determination to benefit us all. We will provide our member affiliates with a collective voice: one that is strong, determined and voted on fairly by our membership.

I invite you to read more about us and find out why you should join.

Valentina Leon
President, CPWO


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