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Valentina Leon


As a proud and active member of the CPWO (formally COUSA) since 2013, I still remember my first time attending the conference as a delegate. That experience ignited my enthusiasm about what CPWO
stands for: to promote the welfare of Ontario University Staff and collectively give all staff a voice in the academic environment by ensuring their essential role is recognized by both the University Sector and by the Government. At the June 2017 conference in recognition of my dedication, I was first elected President.

I have actively engaged in human rights training as well as expanded my knowledge regarding labour law, pensions, conflict resolution, job evaluation; and I participated in the Lancaster House skills training for pensions and accommodation. By acquiring these skills, I have furthered my ability to meaningfully partake in relevant issues for you and me. However, my quest for learning does not stop there. I am constantly motivated to do more and better.

My professional experience and qualifications benefit CPWO through the various roles I have held both at Carleton University and with outside stakeholders: Chair of the Grievance Committee, an Executive Board Pension Liaison, a contract negotiator and Vice President of the Ottawa CUPE District Council (OCDC).

I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Political Science from The University of Alberta. I am inspired by where we CPWO stand today as an organization and as your president, my goal will be to further build upon all we have attained and continue the fight. As your President, I take up the pledge to engage and encourage you but most of all; I will fight passionately to provide the environment and the tools to be active participants.